Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket

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This is an awesome jacket! Lightweight, waterproof, windproof and has lots of pockets. It is great for the fall and in winter (when below freezing) only need a heavy sweatshirt to be comfortable outside for extended periods. There is a pocket to store everything - wallet, phone, tactical pen and flashlight, extra mask, and more.

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As an adventurer, your jacket is one of the most important pieces for survival out in the elements. Many outdoor jackets don't fully protect you in any weather situation and are usually very expensive! When doing outdoor activities you can never be too prepared as the unexpected can happen at any moment. Harsh winters, severe rain, and high-speed winds are elements that won't go away but will not stop us either!

The Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket features a water-resistant, heat-insulated, multi-pocket design allowing you to withstand and support all outdoor endeavors! This jacket's versatility is what stands out building confidence through a promise of exceptional quality, keeping you warm and dry. Never again compromise a day outdoors nor struggle with harsh weather conditions!




✅  ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The ultimate daily wear jacket with a fabric known as Shark-Skin is guaranteed to protect you from all weather keeping you warm, cool, and dry!

 ✅  ULTIMATE COMFORT: Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket utilizes a 100% weather-resistant polyester softshell with fleece lining, creating a lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The breathable vent zipper design allows you to stay cool and comfortable in warmer climates!

WEATHER RESISTANT: The Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket is composed of durable weather-resistant technology making it waterproof, windproof, quick-drying, and heat-insulated. You can wear Shark Skin for any situation and stay comfortable at the same time!

VERSATILITY WINS: The versailtiy of the Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket allows you to perform various outdoor activities while being protected at the same time. The jacket is perfect for camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, outside labor jobs, and many other outdoor ventures!

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: With over 14 pockets, Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket provides the convenience of holding all your essential items or tactical equipment. Never again leave any essentials behind!

TACTICAL FASHION: With 5 stylish Unisex designs to fit any occasion Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket is not only a protector but a fashion statement as well for both men and women! There is a velcro where you can add any honorable badges or patches!


We understand living in seasonal environments we experience harsh outdoor weather that we aren't always 100% prepared for. It can be very frustrating having to spend an extended amount of time outside and not having the proper clothing to stay warm and dry. A recent study shows that the main cause of hypothermia and frostbite is exposed skin and wet clothing. 
With Shark-Skin Tactical Jacket, we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face being uncomfortable in the outdoors! Shark-Skin does more than just keep you warm and dry, it brings back a sense of security knowing you'll be protected in all weather. Now, you'll never have to doubt your outdoor activities for a second, you can face the elements head-on!


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