Flawless Sonic Cleaner
Flawless Sonic Cleaner
Flawless Sonic Cleaner
Flawless Sonic Cleaner

Flawless Sonic Cleaner

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Bought it about a week, and used it three times on my watch, wedding ring, and my wife's watches and rings. It is easy to use. I always run it for 3 min as the manual recommended, but the last time I used hot water rather than cold water, And I saw big difference. It is much cleaner and shiny. Give it a try.
Alex Hernandez ✅ Verified Buyer
All the dirt and grime we accumulate surely gets on the prized possessions that we wear. Jewelry is notorious for gathering day-to-day dirt and oils which ruins their shine! Being super delicate jewelry is often very expensive to clean and often takes a long period of time before getting its shine back. 
There is no way to prevent the grime and oils from getting into our favorite watches, glasses rings, etc, and going to the jeweler to get them cleaned isn't convenient or cost-effective. 
The Flawless Sonic Cleaner uses ultrasonic waves through water which clears away all dirt and grime clinging to the surface of the item saving you time and money spent on professional in-person jewelry cleaners!


 ✅ GENTLE DEEP CLEAN: Water is all you need, let the ultrasonic waves do the rest! Watch in awe as your favorite pieces lose the dirt and shine like they are brand new.

 ✅ SHINE LIKE NEW: Utilizing 45,000 Hz of ultrasonic power, the Flawless Sonic Cleaner creates millions of nanoscopic cleaning bubbles. This gently lifts grime and germs so there is no need for any harsh chemicals! 


 ✅ NO DAMAGE DONE: No need to disassemble the jewelry, Flawless Sonic Cleaner does not damage delicate pieces and allows for cleaning as often as necessary.

✅ SAVE MONEY + TIME: Professional Jewelry cleaning costs about $25-$50 per piece. The Flawless Sonic Cleaner is a one-time payment and you can clean multiple items in a single wash! 


1. ADD Water to 'Max' line indicated inside the Flawless Sonic Cleaner

2. Add in one or multiple of your items

3. Wait 3 minutes, watch the magic! 


Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Glasses, Bracelets, Dentures, Retainers, Toothbrushes, Razor blades, Keys, Gold, Diamonds, Silverware, Precious Coins, Metal Badges, Metal Watchbands, Waterproof Watches, Shaver Heads, Combs, Valves, Nozzles, Machine Parts, Printer Heads, and other valuables!

NOTE: Glasses or sunglasses with deep scratches or cracks, or jewelry with soft porous stones (ie. pearls, opal, amber) or that have had their color enhanced artificially.


 We all have some fabulous timepieces, rings, and necklaces that we adore. You wear your favorite piece every day and then you start to notice that the shine your piece once had isn't there anymore. This creates an unattractive look that can be solved simply!

For those who want their favorite pieces looking brand new just how they bought them Flawless Sonic Cleaner is an essential buy! 

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