FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive

FLEX™ Marble Adhesive

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I used this product on all of my countertops and it is simply amazing. It goes on very easily and it looks like my countertops are marble just like my table. I highly recommend this for an upgrade to any counter areas.
Nikeha T. ✅ Verified Buyer
Kitchen renovations are no simple task and can be very intimidating due to the cost. Rising costs for marble and granite have been increasing each year averaging  $60 or more per square foot and buying in units is a lot more than most can afford. This doesn't even include cost overruns or errors. 
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your happiness or creativity just because of high costs! 
FLEX™ Marble Adhesive is the ultimate alternative to making your old drywall, furniture, doors, etc.. brand new saving you thousands of dollars! 


✅ DURABLE LUXURY: FLEX™ Marble Adhesive is produced on self-adhesive (no glue) high-quality PVC vinyl upgraded with a thickened, more wear-resistant, and higher durability film that can be applied on any flat surface!  

✅ AUTHENTIC LOOK: Restore your old furniture to a brand new modern look that will for sure gather attention and won't be an eyesore! Beautiful marble design at a super low budget and no one can tell the difference.

✅ PERFECT PRECISION: Each adhesive comes with backing paper with a grid for easy cutting allows perfect precision to hit every corner of the item you are transforming! Using a sharp cutter/blade creates a universal cutting tool for marble adhesive purposes.

✅ LOW MAINTENANCE: Anyone can apply and clean FLEX™ Marble Adhesive! Being 100% Fromhyldayde-free provides many environmentally friendly benefits! The adhesive is waterproof and steam proof, not afraid of moisture; mildew-mold proof, antibacterial, mothproof, antifouling, moisture-proof, and heat resistant.
✅ OUT WITH THE OLD: Other wallpaper adhesives don't stand a chance against FLEX™ Marble Adhesive! Transform your painted drywall, old wallpaper, ceiling, furniture, cupboards, doors, glass, metal, and tile, or even the bathroom!
✅ EASILY REMOVABLE:  FLEX™ Marble Adhesive removes in seconds! The adhesive will not destroy the surface below and removes it cleanly if you wish to change the style in the future!


You will love how this paper is easy to measure and cut due to the helpful backing grid lines. Achieve your desired look by following the below installation steps:

1. CLEAN: Clean up the surface thoroughly. Wait for the surface to DRY completely before installation

2. Measure & Cut: Cut the film to the desired size through the grid lines. It is suggested to leave 1-inch margins at each side for later adjustment

3. Apply: Starting from one side, peel off the backing gently whilst applying the film to the surface inch by inch (do not remove the entire backing at once)

4. Flatten: While applying the film, use a cloth, a squeegee, or a card to remove the bubbles or bump areas

5. Enjoy: Trim off the margins, enjoy your new gorgeous marble top surface


Do you ever look at your counters and think, I hate it? You can literally boost your counters appeal in a matter of minutes and save money on this creative alternative. Imagine your family and friends when they see this transformation!

No need to spend thousands of dollars when you know you can spend a fraction of the price. Make any counter or surface into a masterpiece with  FLEX™ Marble Adhesive 


100% Money-Back Guarantee

At MODERN FLEX™we believe our products are some of the best in the world. To back this up, we provide all customers with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us, there is ZERO Risk for you!

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Will Marble Adhesive fit my entire surface?

Since the marble adhesive is made of high quality PVC you are able to cut and fit exactly an entire surface. Most customers buy more than one roll because you can tailor the rolls to not overlap and have the adhesive show as one piece.

How Do I care for my Marble Adhesive?

The adhesive is waterproof and steam proof, not afraid of moisture; mildew proof, beautify decoration, antibacterial, mothproof, antifouling, moisture proof,and heat resistant.

Suitable for various wall surfaces, easy to install, easy to clean, high temperature resistant, durable, and not yellow.

Is Marble Adhesive Heat Resistant?


Yes the adhesive is heat resistant however, it should be kept away from direct fire as much as possible. 

Can you use on Shower Walls?

The Marble adhesive paper can be used in the shower room. We have done tests to better answer questions for our customers.

This ceramic tile wall in the bathroom can be easily replaced! Please note that before you paste, please clean up. Please ensures that the wall surface is clean and free from water stains.

For a large area- Is it possible to match pattern to pattern to look seamless

Yes it can be done. Be sure match up patterns correctly and smooth out surfaces as much as possible. 

Using a larger roll avoids having to match up patterns but either way it is simple and effective to do so.


What if I need size measurements?

Please call us or hit message us button on the website and we will do measurements for you. Giving you the most accurate size for any surface.

My Kitchen gets a lot of direct sunlight. Will it fade

Marble adhesive will not fade. Each design is specifically made to be used in each room of a house. Even outside surfaces can be done so sunlight is not a factor. The adhesive will not burn from direct contact.

How do you get exact corners? What do you cut with? 

Use the corners to crease the adhesive and cut at the crease. Simply, start smoothing over the whole adhesive. It is important to take your time and smooth over every point and it will fall into place easily.

Using a  sharp cutter/blade creates a universal cutting tool for wallpapering purposes.


When removing will it leave the surface sticky?

The marble adhesive will not leave any sticky residue on any surface!

You can test this by adding the adhesive to a surface then gently peeling it back to see if any residue is left behind.