Easy Catch Fishing Net FAQ

Can I use it on the Ocean Shore or Beach? 

Yes, the trap is made for both freshwater and Saltwater. 

Are the traps strong enough?

Yes, the frames are made of stainless steel and durable nylon made to catch marine life.

How do you get the catch out?

The zipper can be used to let catches out or simply hold the trap upside down and they will fall out with a firm shake.

What bait should I use?

You can put virtually any kind of bait in the trap, whichever you prefer! 

How do you unfold the trap?

Hold the rope and push down the middle, and keep pushing until it clicks.

What is the diameter of the open holes? 

The holes diameter are between 6-7 Inches.

Can this trap be legally used in every state?

Check with your local and state regulations.


Can I leave this trap and return later?

Yes, you can leave the trap in water overnight!

Can this Catch Lobsters?

If the lobster can fit into the trap it can be caught!

Do I cut the zip ties?

No need to cut the zip ties because  they hold the holes together and do not affect performance.

What can you use to weigh it down?

Naturally the Fishing Net will sink to the bottom. If weight is need add nothing more than a 6 oz weight.

Can I catch Blue Crab?

Anything that can fit into the net can be caught!