Easy Breezy Hair Dryer

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Tiny but mighty! I am so impressed with the beautiful look and functionality of this tiny little hairdryer. They did not mess around when they designed and built this machine! It is meant to last for years! The cord is strong 💪, the volume is quiet, and it works quickly and efficiently. This Hair Dryer Is Meant For Years Of Beauty!
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Sick and tired of blow dryers taking forever to dry your hair and oftentimes causing heat damage? We cherish our hair and dedicate precious time to getting the perfect hairstyle, but the heat damage blow dryers can cause ruins our appearance. Excessive use of traditional blow dryers may cause hair loss or change of hair texture over time.
The Easy Breezy Hair Dryer is a professional yet compact machine that utilizes ionic technology to quickly dry your hair while reducing frizz and heat damage helping to enhance hair radiance. Each hair dryer builds confidence through a promise of exceptional quality, effortlessly keeping essential moisture in your hair. Gently and effectively cut hair drying time in half while making hair feel softer and more luxurious than ever! 


✅  DECREASE DRYING TIME: Utilizing ionic technology allows Easy Breezy Hair Dryer to cut down drying time in half! The negative ions break down water particles in hair, causing water to evaporate faster!

✅  REDUCE HEAT DAMAGE: There are 3 professional-grade modes dedicated to providing gentle, yet effective drying (HOT, WARM, COOL). Since drying time is decreased, and less heat is used by reducing hot airflow, it can lower the chance of heat damage!

✅  REDUCE FRIZZ: The Ionic technology assists in tightening cuticles, creating a shiny, smooth, frizz-free finish. Static hair is neutralized, helping to reduce surface tension, leaving hair strands less prone to tangles!

✅  SOFTER HAIR: Negative ions help bond moisture, making hair feel softer and more luxurious than a traditional dryer would. Having softer hair makes it easier to style and create a smooth, desired finish!

✅  PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Being super lightweight, Easy Breezy Hair Dryer can be operated with ease! It simply fits in almost any travel bag and is light enough to be used without discomfort in the shoulders or arms.

✅  SAFETY FIRST: Easy Breezy Hair Dryer was designed with double safety removable filters. This prevents hair from being stuck into the blow dryer, and is easier to clean!


We understand that bad hair days are a bummer! The challenge is strands are constantly prone to heat damage, breakage, and thinning when using traditional hair dryers. With all these potential strand stresses, it's no surprise that having healthy hair requires effort to keep it looking lush. According to a recent study, 74% of women say a bad hair day makes them feel less confident. 
With Easy Breezy Hair Dryer, we can take a huge sigh of relief knowing drying time is cut in half while maintaining moisturized healthy hair! The hairdryer does more than dry hair, it brings back a sense of beauty. When your hair is in good shape, you undeniably look and feel better, which provides the self-assurance you need to tackle any obstacles that the day brings! 


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1*Easy Breezy Hair Dryer
1*English Instructions
Rated power output: 2200W
Power : EU,UK,AU,US ( add Adapter):220V    50HZ
US :110V  60HZ
3 heat settings,2 speed & one cool settings
Professional hair dryer
Advanced technological design
Powerful hair dryer with AC motor 2200W
Even heat distribution
Ergonomically balanced and quiet performance
Dry hair evenly and quickly
2.5 m professional cord
Cool & Hot button
Over-heating protection device