EasyCatch-Sinker Fishing Net

EasyCatch-Sinker Fishing Net

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 Excellent trap. Very easy to use. For my first night, I used dog food as the bait. Couldn't believe what I found the next morning. We had lots of minnows, over two dozen shrimp, and two large stone crabs. Would definitely buy it again!
Joshua Howard ✅ Verified Buyer

Fishing is not only a survival tactic to feed our families, it also offers the chance to improve self-esteem and respect for the environment. Fishing is an enjoyable activity however, sometimes we get those days where we spend hours at the lake and can’t get anything to bite on the hook. Traditional fishing nets and rods are tiresome and plain not effective when going after multiple fish, crustaceans, and other sea creatures.

EasyCatch-Sinker Fishing Net is a professional yet compact fish trap that utilizes a unique shape and multiple holes on each side to significantly catch more fish, crustaceans, and other marine life from all angles! Each Easy Catch Fishing Net builds confidence through a promise of exceptional quality, effortlessly attracting and trapping at a higher rate than ever before. Effectively increase your fishing trip productivity, bringing the excitement back to fishing! 


✅ EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE: The perforated holes provide a more efficient angle for fish, eels, and crustaceans to be trapped. The holes allow at least 20% more fish to be caught than traditional nets and rods. 

✅  UNIQUE SHAPE: The unique shape of this net allows fish to be caught at a 360° angle. The bait bag attracts marine life while the V-shape piece was designed to allow fish to get in but can not get out!

✅  DURABILITY WINS: The net is made of mesh, nylon, and stainless steel bar brackets. Tough fish and crustaceans can not break through the durable material leaving a plethora of catches to remove! 

✅  FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE: The net folds and unlocks by pulling the piece at the top which makes the net as portable as an umbrella. The stainless steel bars stay in place when the net collapses.  

✅  NO INSTALLATION: The EasyCatch Fishing Net comes complete leaving zero installation. This allows for a simple, easy-to-use net that beginners to experts can master! 



We understand how frustrating it can be to spend an entire day fishing without catching a single fish. It already is a challenge trying to catch one fish, and having to inconveniently stay patient to catch another one can add to the stress. To spend hours using a traditional rod and bait to catch fish or other marine life with little success can be very time-consuming!

With EasyCatch-Sinker Fishing Net, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can significantly increase the number of marine life caught in one trip! This innovative fishing net provides the comfort of attracting and catching large numbers of marine life, without having to spend hours waiting with a traditional fishing rod. Now you can ensure an incredible fishing experience by increasing the productivity of your fishing day and investing in essential fishing assets!


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Can I use it on the Ocean Shore or Beach? 

Yes, the trap is made for both freshwater and Saltwater. 

Are the traps strong enough?

Yes, the frames are made of stainless steel and durable nylon made to catch marine life.

How do you get the catch out?

The zipper can be used to let catches out or simply hold the trap upside down and they will fall out with a firm shake.

What bait should I use?

You can put virtually any kind of bait in the trap, whichever you prefer! 

How do you unfold the trap?

Hold the rope and push down the middle, and keep pushing until it clicks.

What is the diameter of the open holes? 

The holes diameter are between 6-7 Inches.

Can this trap be legally used in every state?

Check with your local and state regulations.


Can I leave this trap and return later?

Yes, you can leave the trap in water overnight!

Can this Catch Lobsters?

If the lobster can fit into the trap it can be caught!

Do I cut the zip ties?

No need to cut the zip ties because  they hold the holes together and do not affect performance.

What can you use to weigh it down?

Naturally the Fishing Net will sink to the bottom. If weight is need add nothing more than a 6 oz weight.

Can I catch Blue Crab?

Anything that can fit into the net can be caught!

1x Easy Catch Fishing Net

1x 12m Rope

1x Bait Bag