FLEX™ DIY Wall Clock

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Watch cool!!! In real life cooler than in the photo! In the kit there is a ruler, it is convenient to put together! Everything perfect is very nice worth the price very fast delivery excellent store I recommend 
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The rush of confidence and satisfaction of putting something together by yourself is worth the time spent! When it comes to your home every decor item is meant to be seen boldly and proudly especially if done by your two hands. 
That being said let's elevate our homes, accomplish something that can be done by ourselves, and have profound artwork at the same time! 
The FLEX™ DIY Wall Clock is the perfect timepiece that boldly presents itself to everyone who sees! 


✅ ATTENTION RECEIVED: The FLEX™ DIY Wall Clock was crafted to produce a luxurious atmosphere. The adjustable size makes the acrylic mirror stickers stand out for a stylish room makeover!  

✅ LARGE ACRYLIC DESIGN: High-quality acrylic stickers + EVA foam to ensure color and adhesive will not fade away. 12mm thick foam and metal pointers make your wall clock irresistible to look at, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean! 
✅ SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Sleep well without hearing any ticking! The quartz mechanism provides a silent environment for when each pointer moves. The clock only needs 1 AA battery to provide accurate time. 
✅ DO IT YOURSELF: Simple to set up elegant on the wall! No glue or nails needed as the wall clock is 100% self-adhesive. Customize your wall clock however you want to be and gain the satisfaction of doing it on your own!


1x Clock Stickers 
1x Clock Mechanism

Size: 47 Inches

Clock dial: 5 inches 

Hour Hand: 12 inches

 Minute Hand: 15 Inches


Do you have a big empty wall space that's just there? Are you looking to change this empty space into something profound? Time is of the essence and we do not have time to waste! 
Let's catch everyone's attention for your next house gathering with the  FLEX™ DIY Wall Clock! 

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