FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"
FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"
FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"
FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"
FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"
FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"

FLEX™ Scratch Guard 18"X12"

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I really liked these sticky protectors for my vinyl/pleather couch. My cat stopped her attempts to scratch. They are pretty conspicuous because of the shine, but I'd rather have shiny corners than permanent damage to my beautiful new red couch. Overall very pleased.
Meg Ivey  ✅ Verified Buyer
Sick and tired of coming home to your favorite piece of furniture torn or scratched by our furry friends? We love our pets but the damages just keep getting worse ruining the appeal of our house and furniture. Training our pets to not scratch furniture can take months even years and added stress that none of us want to deal with. 
As pet owners, we all deal with this problem at some point but enough is enough!
FLEX™ Scratch Guard is the easiest way to prevent and train your pet from scratching, biting, and tearing your furniture!
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✅ PET TRAINING: Using the same ideology as potty training, easily apply FLEX™ Scratch Guard to where your pet scratches the most and watch how they learn to stop scratching or biting that area!

✅ VERSATILE:  FLEX™ Scratch Guard that can be placed on leather, fabric, polyester, and almost every other material due to its nontoxic adhesive. Scratch guards are durable enough to deter pet scratching while flexible enough to bend around the corners of your furniture!


✅ SIMPLE TO APPLY: Remove the covering to the adhesive and apply to the places where your pet scratches the most. Included are tacks for optional assurance that will not puncture and leave holes (if needed). 

✅ RELIEVE STRESS: No more constantly having to watch your pet in fear that they will destroy your new or favorite piece of furniture.  

✅ REUSABLE: Being reusable, FLEX™ Scratch Guard easily removes and can be reapplied to another area once your pet stops scratching the previous spot! 

✅ TRANSPARENT PROTECTION: FLEX™ Scratch Guard is 100% transparent so your beautiful furniture stays beautiful. Keep your furniture longer and in perfect condition!



FLEX™ Scratch Guard versatility is unmatched! X-Large 18"12" + 20 pcs Twist Tacks

Included uses for:

Leather, Fabric, Stairs, Polyester, Carpet, Door, Car, Table Legs, Cotton, Linen, Microfibre, Wood, Polyester, Silk, Wool, and many more!


Desired results can be seen in as little as a week, if not sooner. Your pet will eventually give up and recognize the appropriate place for scratching or teething. 


As pet owners, we all have dealt with scratched, chewed, and ruined furniture. Our pets mean the world to us but the stress of having a new couch or table ruined can keep you up all night! Having to return home to furniture that is ruined is never fun wasting time and money.

Thankfully FLEX™ Scratch Guard solves the problem and relieves stress knowing that your furniture is well protected. No more ruined furniture!

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