FLEX™ Weather Station

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This weather station does exactly what I wanted - it shows me indoor and outdoor temp and humidity and I tested it versus another sensor I have with ecobee and it’s very close so appears accurate
S.Savara ✅ Verified Buyer

If you are like us weather is very important and often times meteorologists give false information about local weather. Just assuming, you go to local news or your smartphone to check for the weather but it's not always the most accurate source.
Just imagine the stress of planning a party or gathering just for it to rain on your parade over a situation that can be solved! 
The FLEX™ Weather Station collects weather data using a variety of sensors for wind speed, temperature, and much more!


✅ BE YOUR OWN METEOROLOGIST: The FLEX™ Weather Station uses a 7.5" LCD screen monitor that captures the data of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and wind speed using wireless outdoor sensors. 

✅ CHANGE LOCATIONS:  FLEX™ comes with 1 wireless sensor but supports wireless sensors that monitor different locations at the same time within a 200ft range from the base. Being battery powered with 2 AA batteries means you can take your FLEX™ Weather Station anywhere! 

✅ ACCURACY & DEPENDABILITY: FLEX™ Weather Station calculates the weather forecast for the next 8 to 24 hours, with 7 to 10 days calibration to ensure an accurate forecast for your current location. 

✅ ATOMIC FEATURES:  An Atomic Clock is notorious for giving the most accurate time so the station has one built-in! Customized alarms/snooze, time/date, weather forecast, moon phases, and barometric pressure are all beautifully displayed.


1 * Weather Station
1 * Plug Adapter
1 * Sensor 
1 * User Manual


When watching the weather channel or checking your smartphone the metrologist focuses on one large area as a whole. This leads to confusion because the most accurate weather information isn't presented. 

By using FLEX™ Weather Station, you are able to track the weather in your specific area. The report will solely focus on what is happening around your home alerting you immediately of dangerous weather conditions looming. 

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