Porto Fire Pit- 3 Mesh Covers

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I love this little fire pit. I was looking for something small that I could pack easily and this is perfect. I've used it twice so far, the first time with a Duraflame log and the second time we used real wood. It held 3 decent-sized logs. I was a little worried about the weight but it held up just fine. Easy clean up too, the next day after the ash was cool I just dumped it in the trash and hosed off the mesh. Would definitely recommend this, and the price is great too.
Jamie Jennings ✅Verified Buyer

Throughout the years, people have relied on fire for warmth, safety, cooking, and light. While we are not as dependent on fire as we once were, fire pits naturally draw us to them, especially when camping in the great outdoors. However, crowded camp spaces, fire restrictions, and drought conditions can limit the enjoyment of having a campfire with traditional fixed fire pits. Traditional, fixed fire pits at campsites are bulky and can be safety hazards due to the large amount of ash and sparks they produce. 

The Porto Fire Pit is a professional yet portable, lightweight fire pit that provides the safety and comfort of a campfire from anywhere! The setup is effortless taking less than 5 minutes to connect the net to the leg poles. Porto Fire Pit builds confidence through exceptional quality, easily holding enough wood to deal with fires of all sizes while minimizing sparks and ashes from hitting the ground. Increase camping productivity by adding the perfect social and survival asset, making campfires simple once again!


ESSENTIAL CONVENIENCE: Porto Fire Pit provides the convenience of having a complete firepit experience while offering portability and high quality. The provided travel bag and the simple setup allow for a perfect campfire!

ESSENTIAL SAFETY: The steel mesh net limits ash, sparks, and debris from slipping through, reducing possible fire hazardsBeing lightweight, elevated and portable allows the creation of a fire pit from anywhere!

INVITING ATMOSPHERE: The firepit provides visual appeal and adds ambiance to any campsite. Create a social appeal as everyone loves to gather around the campfire!

COMPLETE SETUP: The rollable steel net prevents debris from flowing through and folding legs for an easy setup and cleanup. The steel net is eco-friendly and has anti heating technology!  

✅ VERSATILE & DURABLE: The steel mesh has the capability to hold enough wood for fires of all sizes. Enjoy cooked meals and warm settings with confidence and security!



We understand how vulnerable of a feeling it may be, not having warmth for ourselves and loved ones when facing the great outdoors. It already is a challenge facing cold windy weather, and having to inconveniently shiver in the cold with no heat source can add to the stress. To individually wear bundles of layers just to stay warm with little success is unquestionably an intimidating task!

With Porto Fire Pit, you can take a huge sigh of relief knowing you can create the perfect heat source for outdoor living, camping, and other on-the-go adventures. This innovative firepit provides security and comfort while creating an unmatched ambiance. Now, you can ensure an unbelievable outdoor experience by generating a warm inviting environment, and investing in the essential camping asset!


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How well would the fire pit hold up on beach sand?

The Fire Pit works well on soft and hard sand, no issues!

Where Can I get a replacement Mesh?

Email, Chatbox or Call us!

Is it sturdy enough to use a camp stove like a firebox on with a pan?

Yes, we've done multiple  tests with using pots and pans on top of a grate. Cooking is a main benefit!

How well does the stainless steel hold up to extreme heat?

It can withstand firewood just fine! It will not melt, break or burn!I

Has anyone had issues with the wind?

Light wind should not be a problem, just make sure nothing flammable is around and the location is not too dry. We've had customers use it in snow storms and beaches no problem.

How many fires will it last?

The stainless steel and mesh is very durable in which it can withstand numerous campfires without showing any wear in the screen. Depending on the fire duration mesh covering can last for multiple uses!

How is it with rust?

The fire pit will never rust. Everything stays structurally intact. 

Can we use charcoal?

You can use charcoal, however wood is recommended.

How Fast does it cool off?

Wait 10-15 minutes after putting the fire out and the fire pit will be safe to pack up.

What is the size of the legs?

13" from the ground

Is this acceptable for state parks?

Since it is above ground most state parks allow it!

Can I cook on it?

You can fully prepare meals with the correct cooking apparatus, or roast food like a marshmallow or hotdog.

Does the stainless steel mesh hold the embers and ash, or does it fall to the ground?

Embers and ash will not fall through the mesh. Be cautious of not stacking wood too high or close to the edges giving it a chance to fall over

Will this last for an entire camping trip?

You can use the fire pit for multiple uses and it will not show any wear and tear for a long time!

Does this style reduce smoke versus a steel bowl type?

Depends on the wood when it comes to smoke. The air may channel to get a better burn.

3x Stainless Steel mesh

1x Stainless Steel Brackets. 

1x Oxford Travel Bag