Toasty Stove

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Compact, easy to assemble. I used twigs to heat chili, then the next morning to cook bacon and eggs. Remember to stir frequently. There is room for two sterno fuel pods if needed. Two settings in the heating rack to help adjust the heat. Satisfied. After two meals, the stove looks new.
Calvin Taylor ✅ Verified Buyer
Having the proper food source is key to a successful camping or hiking adventure. After a long day, having a freshly cooked meal is the best source to refuel and prepare for the next day. Cooking in the great outdoors often requires a ton of preparation as finding campgrounds, fetching the wood, or having the right fuel to burn. Cooking with a firepit is messy and can cause safety hazards due to increased ash and sparks.
The Toasty Stove is a professional yet portable, lightweight stove that provides the enjoyment of cooking anywhere, helping to overcome the variables of traditional camp cooking. Toasty Stove builds confidence through exceptional quality, conveniently burning twigs to prepare delicious meals while minimizing effort and potential hazards. Increase camping productivity by adding the perfect survival asset, making camp cooking simple. 


ESSENTIAL CONVENIENCE: Toasty Stove provides the convenience of having a complete camp cooking experience while offering portability and high quality. The travel bag and simple setup provide an efficient camp cooking adventure!

UNLIMITED FUEL: The stove has the capability to use many fuel options to provide a source of heat energy. There are many resources that can be used to ignite a fire including twigs, wood, tinder, coal, and solidified alcohol.

DURABILITY WINS: The superior stainless steel can withstand over 500F° and provides a stable cooking platform that evenly distributes heat. Enjoy cooked meals and warm settings with confidence and security! 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: There is no need for costly petrol fuel or batteries that release chemicals polluting the air. Stay green and use renewable resources to cook delicious meals!


We understand how vulnerable of a feeling it may be not having cooked meals for ourselves and loved ones when facing the great outdoors. It’s already a challenge facing the harsh weather, and having to inconveniently eat cold or uncooked food can add to the stress. Setting up a sustainable heat source for cooking with little success is unquestionably an intimidating task!

With Toasty Stove, we can take a sigh of relief knowing we can create the perfect cooking tool for outdoor living, camping, and other on-the-go adventures. This innovative stove provides security and comfort while creating an unmatched dining experience. Now, let’s improve our outdoor experience by generating a warm, inviting environment by investing in the essential camping asset!


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